Place setting,
2020 -21

This series evolved from an ongoing practice research project that investigates ideas of objects and memory in relation to family and home. The project began during the Covid19 lockdown in the UK in 2020. At home, day in and day out, I became more aware of the repetitive activities associated with eating, in particular the thrice daily ritual of laying the table in preparation for meals. I began to consider which objects and utensils I was selecting and placing upon the table, and I noticed that these were an eclectic mixture of items that either I, or my husband, had inherited from our parents, gifts from friends or family, items that we had purchased whilst travelling or on holiday and objects that we had bought ourselves. Time at home allowed for remembering the past, people, places, and experiences, and I became aware of how I used the activity of laying our dining room table to play with these memories through the selection of objects to place on the table for the duration of a mealtime. This led me to consider the value that I place on these everyday items and the way in which domestic objects can become potent agents of personal and family narratives.