Six Artists Celebrate Enid Marx and the British Art Collection, 2018

Six Artists celebrate Enid Marx and the British Folk Art Collection – Compton Verney Art Gallery, throughout 2018.

Curated by Jill Journeaux, this exhibition celebrated the work of Enid Marx, through the creation of new artworks by six artists; Jill Journeaux, Jonathan Waller, Kollette Super, Andrea Hannon, Jane Ball and Lisa Hannon. The paintings, textiles, prints and sculptures sat alongside work by Enid Marx, artefacts from the Marx – Lambert Collection and in the British Folk Art Galleries. Influenced by Marx’s love of cats – she drew her own Siamese every evening, Jill made three textile pieces ‘Cats in the Tree of Life’ (122 x 152cm), ‘Cats in the Moonlight’, and ‘The Studio’ for the exhibition. Writing about these works the artist Pilar Montero noted’:

   ‘The images of the wisdom tree, the tree of life or family trees, allow the artist to take us, by means of her domestic animals, closer to a knowledge of folk culture, which is related to the magnificence of nature and the hundred year old trees which sit in the grounds of Compton Verney’ (Montero, P. 2018. ‘Celebrating Enid Marx: six artists observe, collect, make’ in ‘Six Artists Celebrate Enid Marx and the British Folk Art Collection’.